Finding An Apartment Through Roomrs Renting Service

I am currently a sophomore LIM student who stayed in the residence hall last year. For incoming freshmen, I recommend staying in the residence hall to make friends and to get used to the city. The residence hall is a great perk that LIM College offers.

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After staying in the residence hall for one year, I decided I wanted a bit more independence, and my own room that isn't shared with a roommate. But apartments in NYC are expensive! You must pay for rent, utilities, furniture, and wifi or cable every month. You must be willing to hunt for apartments and not get discouraged if quite a few don't work out or your application doesn't get approved. Then, when you sign a lease for an apartment, they are normally for 12 months—big commitment.

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No worries! There is an amazing company called Roomrs that rents rooms to young adults looking for apartments in NYC. The apartments come furnished and ready for moving in—easy right? The heat, wifi, water, electric, and gas are all included in your rent, so less stress there. A monthly cleaning service is also included. This company is amazing, because it offers short- and long-term leases. I recently just signed my lease for nine months, which is perfect to cover living for first and second semester.Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 9.29.53 PM

This company is an easy way for students to find an apartment without the other hassles. The apartments are spacious and some include rooftops, dishwasher, washer, and dryer in the unit! You can go on their website and filter by price-range, neighborhood, and move-in date. 

There is also an amazing option of touring the apartment on the website with their 3D option. There are many options to choose from, and it is super easy to schedule an in-person tour of the apartment.