Gleaming Wilderness: Metallics, Furs and Animal Prints

A LIM College student observes the latest fashion trends at this year's Coterie at the Javits Center. What's hot for 2019 fall and winter are metallics, furs, and animal prints. Accompanying pops of colors and a diversity of fabrics and textures rounded out the collections.

coterie 2

As part of my Introduction to the Fashion Business class at LIM College, I had the fortunate opportunity on a class trip to attend Coterie at the Javits Center, where I observed how brand representatives negotiated with potential buyers in a building filled with hundreds of other competitors. They showcased upcoming predictions for autumn and winter in their collections.

coterie 6

Here’s what looks hot for 2019 fall and winter: metallics, furs, and animal prints. I couldn’t count more than five seconds before seeing at least one of these things. Accompanying these were pops of colors—I noticed a faux fur jacket in fiery red in one booth and a bright yellow in another. The increased usage of faux fur and leather goods can be attributed to the rapidly growing trend of sustainability. However, the market for traditional furs and leathers is not completely dead (maybe far from it), as there were some vendors selling real furs.

Fashion seems to be heading toward greater expression. There is no longer one way to dress to be considered “cool” or “trendy.” Everyone has a voice, thanks to social media. Gathering what I’ve seen from the Coterie and TexWorld USA, I feel that these vibrant colors, bold prints, lavish fabrics, and textures supplement the desire of people to be seen as they are. We aren’t blending into the neutrals and the frigidness of autumn and winter but instead using highlighter yellows and fiery oranges to truly express what we feel, who we are, and how we wish to be viewed as individuals.

coterie - clothes hanging on a rack

My experience at Coterie felt like I was taking a stroll through a huge flea market. I found it very informative to see what goes on many months before items hit the stores. Speaking to representatives also gave me a look through the lenses of sellers and see how they visualize trends. I was thrilled to be able to observe and absorb all the information and interactions, thus continuing to learn about the many processes involved in the fashion industry.