Great Sustainable Sourcing

Exploring Texworld USA with my Sustainability and Future of Fashion class at the Jacob K. Javits Center was a great opportunity!


We started the day with a tour. Louis Gerin and Gregory Lamaud talked to the class on how sustainability is making a huge impact on all industries, especially fashion. They also discussed how artists are the center of creation because they highlight the doubts and hopes of civilization. We viewed the denim section of Texworld USA because our tour guide wanted our class to see the different sustainable approaches to denim. After the tour, we were able to explore Texworld USA on our own to learn how different countries are incorporating sustainability into their merchandise.


I was extremely impressed with the Tek-Tiles Signal Cycle Jacket. The jacket equips bicyclists with turn signals for safer riding in the city and night riding. The garment is constructed as a jersey knit with pockets made out of wooly nylon and LED sequins. It contains programmable LED rows and a soft button to make turn signals. Tek-Tiles is known for using materials that have incredible potential to redefine fitness apparel and to make our lives healthier, safer and more productive. Tek-Tiles has a sustainable mission by having multi-function, technology-based products. Their high-quality products are guaranteed to last for a long time!