Caitlin Still


How My MPS Program Led to Becoming a Published Author

Caitlin Still

Writing my book, Fashion Keeps Us Interested, Style Keeps Us INTERESTING! A Beginner's Guide to Personal Style, was oddly nowhere on my radar, initially. A mere concept, but nothing I ever thought I'd set out to accomplish.

It was much like my pursuit of postgraduate studies: my desire to work in the fashion industry had never led me to think I’d need a graduate degree to help my unique journey.

After weeks of post-undergraduate research, the perfect institution stood out: LIM College. I fell in love with the school and its offerings without setting foot on campus. I took a leap of faith and applied for the Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Fashion Marketing program.

The program was incredible. I was introduced to an array of influential industry leaders, participated in amazing NYC events, and made lifelong friends. The confident moves our professors encouraged us to pursue led me down a path of entrepreneurship as a stylist, creative director, and costume designer, which eventually led to my becoming a published author.

Fashion Keeps Us Interested, Style Keeps Us INTERESTING! encourages people to grab hold of their personal style, to discover and embrace who they are, and to exude it through their wardrobe. It is a great read, and I'm not just saying that because I wrote it. The voice you read is mine, but the experience is as if you and I are having an honest, intimate, yet lighthearted conversation about self-discovery through the lens of your closet.

The fact that this book was written, designed, formatted, edited, and prepared for production in less than a month still blows my mind. Reflecting on it, I believe that the rigor of my accelerated course load at LIM taught me the art of working diligently no matter the time constraints. Set a goal, hold yourself accountable, and GO!

Earning my MPS degree also encouraged me to believe in my own talents. The book's cover design, the formatting, and all the promotional material are things I did on my own. It was well worth it in the end.

I am so proud of this writing project and of my growing business, and I’m excited for the masses to enjoy the book.

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