Major Spotlight: International Business

LIM student Erika interviewed Anna Grace to discuss the international business major at LIM.

Anna Grace
International Business

International business (IB) is one of the majors that LIM College offers. It is a Bachelor of Science degree. Required courses for the major include International Business, Global Management, Global Supply Chain Management, International Trade or International Finance, and Global Human resource management. You must also take two foreign language classes. LIM teaches courses about the importance of communication and having a diverse way of thinking. This major also allows students to explore other topics due to the requirement of 11 liberal electives and one general elective.

I interviewed International business major Anna Grace Nimmo.

Anna Grace Nimmo

She stated that “I’ve always wanted to travel and know more about other cultures. I thought IB would be a great way to learn more about them. I enjoy my classes, and it is interesting to view the world from a global lens when we are so often taught to see it from an American point of view.”

Erika: What is your favorite class?

Anna: I am enjoying Global Management right now. It is a fun class, and the assignments are interesting.

Erika: What career do you see yourself in with this major?

Anna: Right now, I want to go into marketing, for an international bridal company. Knowing international business will help me stand out, in addition to my marketing minor.

Erika: How was your experience taking a foreign language

Anna: I had a good experience with a foreign language. I took French, as I had studied it since middle school. It was interesting, and Professor Block is great!

Erika: How have you applied what you have learned?

Anna: I have not applied what I've used so far in a typical sense because I have not worked for any international companies. However, the understanding of other cultures has helped at work and in everyday life.

Erika: What is the best thing about your major in your opinion?

Anna: I love that the major is small, and I know most of my classmates.

International Business

International Business is also one of the many minors at LIM. It is a great chance to gain knowledge on how international affairs without it being the entire focus of your curriculum. It can also aid in the understanding of different cultures and how to interact in business that is a key skill for any major. I choose International Business as one of my minors because it was my second choice of majors. I also thought it made the spectrum of jobs I could qualify for more jobs. So far, it has been tremendously insightful, and I have gained a better understanding of how business works with globalization.