Major Spotlight: Visual Studies

Visual Studies is one of the newer majors in the LIM curriculum.

A person on an office floor going through a spread of color pallets.

I am a junior at LIM College currently pursuing a bachelor’s in business administration as a Visual Studies major. It is the hands on and artsy major at LIM.  Visual Studies is one of  the newer majors to the LIM curriculum. It was originally the visual merchandising department. Since the curriculum has changed, the major has adopted classes like digital design, photography, and other courses.

Visual Studies

I personally chose this major due to the hands-on nature of it. I have found the classes push me to think outside the box. All the professors are great at cultivating positive spaces to create. It has helped me think in more innovative ways. I also have always had an attention to detail, and the courses have allowed me to express that. In the studio classes, I have learned to think quickly but thoughtfully. The digital classes have been so much fun. I took photography and digital design at the same time and each helped me create great projects. I also like this major because the degree is very broad and if I did decide to leave the fashion industry, my degree would still be relevant.

Visual Studies

The course load prepares you for many different career path options. Visual Studies majors have held different internship titles such Visual Merchandising Intern, Visual Production Intern Visual Display Intern,Visual Design/Creative Visual Design Intern, Visual Stylist Intern Interior Design/Interior Stylist Intern, Associate Technical Designer Intern, and Social Media Coordinator Intern. They have held these types of positions at a variety of companies like Tommy Hilfiger USA, Fendi, Kering Group, Bulgari, Valentino, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Alexander Wang and Michael Kors.

After graduation, alumni have chosen to follow career paths as Creative Directors, Exhibition Designer/Installers, Visual Communication Coordinators, Visual Merchandise Managers, Curator Site Merchandise Director. They also go into fields like Web/Social Media/Digital Design and Visual/Photo Stylist Set Design/Production.

Visual Studies

I personally will take the lessons in creativity, management, critical thinking, and enhanced attention to detail in any job that I will hold in the future. I know that my degree will help me find creative ways to problem solve. I also with leave the school with many useful skills. I will also know how to create in a innovative way. In the meantime, I will use the skills for the internships I will do in the future.