My Five Must Haves For Living In NYC

Over the two years that I have lived in New York City, I have learned the hard way that you need specific essentials for the city. I have found there are many things that I cannot live without daily, and others that have saved me from a bad day. These are my top five must-haves for living in NYC.

Wall Street In NYC

1. Rain Gear

While in the suburbs, an umbrella will do, but that is not the case in NYC. The rain comes from every direction, and an umbrella cannot stop you from getting soaked head to toe. The wind alone can easily break an umbrella too. I, unfortunately, learned the hard way. In my freshman year, I was coming out of the Fifth Avenue building, and it was pouring. I thought luckily, I have my umbrella. So, my friend and I started our ten-minute walk to Maxwell but by the time we got there, we were both soaked. The bad part was I had a math exam and had to sit there cold and wet all through the test. Though, half the class had also experienced the downpour too. The lesson learned was to have a raincoat and rain boots. 

2. All of the Winter Clothing Essentials: Warm Coat, Gloves, a Scarf, and a Hat

Well, this explanation is easy. The winters in NYC are frigid and windy. I remember a day where I did not wear my gloves, and my fingers went numb. I never really worried about wearing a glove or a scarf before I started college. I figured it was because I would always be in a car traveling in the winter. Now, I cannot imagine going outside in the winter without them, especially since New Yorkers walk mostly everywhere.

3. Portable charger

I never leave home without my portable charger. I’m sure I could navigate the city without my phone, but why have to try when there is an easy solution. While yes, there are outlets in many places including the LIM buildings, I still prefer to carry a portable charger. First, in the classroom, everyone wants the seat by the one outlet in the room and of course, only two things can be plugged in at once. With a portable charger, I can sit anywhere and not worry about finding an outlet. I also love to bring my portable charger when I go out because I love having adventures in the city from early morning to nighttime. It's also good if your friend’s phone is dying and needs it to get somewhere. 

Portable Charger

4. A Crossbody Purse

This one for me is really important, because I feel much safer with my purse across my body. This was something I learned to help prevent theft. If a bag is just on your shoulder, it is much easier to grab and run. I also like it, because it relieves some of the weight from my bag on one shoulder. There are other options for bags that are more secure, but this is my favorite. 

5. Reusable water bottle

If you are a freshmen coming to LIM, you probably don’t know yet, but we are a green campus. We try not to waste paper, recycle, and promote sustainable habits. We even have water refill stations for water bottles. If you are passionate about sustainability, we have a club and a minor for it.

My close friend is the co-leader, and whenever she would see someone using a reusable water bottle, she would be really happy. I love carrying a reusable water bottle personally. It saves money buying water bottles, and especially in the city where it is expensive. I can keep it in my bag for use the whole day. 

Pink Water bottle