My Top Pizza Restaurants In NYC

I grew up on Long Island where there is a pizza restaurant in almost every shopping center and more than 30 pizza places in my town. On Long Island, it is considered a “sin” if you order Dominos or Pizza Hut when 5 minutes away there is a local pizza place. I love pizza and I will always crave a Long Island slice but here are a few pizza restaurants in NYC that I love.

Pizza and cheese

L&B Spumoni Gardens, Brooklyn 


The first time I tried L&B Spumoni Gardens was in 2016 for a field trip with my Italian class. Their pizza is unique and the best pizza I have ever had. Instead of the traditional sauce underneath the cheese, Spumoni puts the sauce on top of the cheese. Yes, it sounds weird, but it is very delicious. They have outdoor seating and have a large Italian food menu. Their restaurant also serves great ice cream. 

Fornino at Pier 6, Brooklyn  

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I just discovered Fornino, an underrated rooftop restaurant. I have never heard of it until I found it hidden inside Brooklyn Bridge Park. I went on a Wednesday night and it was not crowded at all. The staff was very friendly, and the stone oven pizza took 5 minutes to make. Not only was the wood fire pizza amazing, but so were their risotto ball appetizers. They have great options for different types of pizzas and I cannot wait to go back. 


Bleecker street pizza, NYC 


I tried Bleecker street pizza last year and it is my personal quick slice bite pizza place. My favorite splice is the Nonna Maria; It is their #1 selling pizza. They say, “Our thin Tuscan crust is baked to perfection with fresh Grande Mozzarella, homemade marinara sauce, the finest Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese aged three years from Italy and fresh basil.”

Champion pizza, Soho NYC

Champion pizza is a great pizza place for cheap specialty slices. Their store is very small and currently, you cannot dine in the restaurant, but it is a perfect option for a quick lunch and you can always sit at the park across the street. I personally love their meat lovers and margarita pizza. If you're ever in Soho you have to check this place out!


When trying new foods it's more fun to try something you have never had before, so instead of just ordering a cheese slice, try something that looks appetizing or different. You never know, you might end up loving it.