Packaging Projects for PRANA Living

On December 8, LIM sustainability students presented projects focused on sustainable packaging concepts for PrAna Living, a sustainable travel, adventure, and yoga fashion brand.

Prana Living

Rachel Lincoln, the Director of Sustainability at PrAna Living, was there as a judge to provide feedback on the concepts.

All of the concepts were inspiring and creative.

“Bee-Conscious” proposed packaging made of recycled fabrics and thoughtfully sourced beeswax.

“A-maize-ing fabric” would be made from a compostable PH plastic sourced from corn.

“Reduce, Reuse, Remain” suggested utilizing recycled cardboard and recycled cotton tote bags for packaging that could continue to be reused.

Another group’s project focused on biodegradable mushroom-based boxes, burlap, raffia, and recycled tissue paper. They also had a cool concept for a QR code linking to Instagram on the packaging to show customers how the packaging is made.

Another team came up with partnering with AVANI, an eco-friendly packaging company, and using their Eco Cassava bags. The bags are 100% natural, compostable, biodegradable, and can even be safely ingested by animals! The team also thought about adding an Instagram campaign for education on PrAna’s packaging called #iamnotplastic.

“PrAna Purpose Packaging” was yet another idea. This concept focused on recycled mailers, tissue paper, and newspapers for packaging with algae-based ink for printing. They also came up with a zero-waste shipping label that uses post-consumer paper.

Rachel liked all of the proposals and provided helpful feedback to the teams. After considering which concepts PrAna could potentially work with, Rachel selected “PrAna Purpose Packaging” as the winning team. Congratulations to Harper Gray and Allysah Tisdale on their first-place project!