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As we are experiencing our new world, and getting used to new mandates, we have implemented country wide usage of masks to protect ourselves and others from Covid-19. Staying safe and keeping others safe in a time like this is crucial. 


When the pandemic began, I found myself using single use paper masks. They lacked style, comfort, and did not align with my sustainability morals. I constantly see single use paper masks thrown on the ground and being left behind. For many years, we as a generation have attempted to become more sustainable by re-using, recycling, and straying away from single use products. Therefore, when I came across MIUSA Masks, I was ecstatic!

MIUSA is an acronym that stands for “Made In The USA”. This company was founded by Alyssa Fumento, and is a small start up business that began amidst the pandemic. Unlike the many mask companies I have seen, MIUSA stands for something that I believe in, and that is sustainable practices.

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“Slow Fashion, High Quality; can be worn with anything & everything!”

All masks are handcrafted by the owner, Alyssa Fumento, in her home state of New Jersey. Her goal is to produce sustainable masks that are constructed of non-harmful fabrics and fulfill the style needs for the fashion forward consumer. Some of the fabrics used are cotton and linen which focus on comfort and breathability for mask wearers.

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As MIUSA expands, she hopes to get into other apparel, but for now is focusing on her masks. She is planning to incorporate other environmentally friendly fabrics such as bamboo cotton, hemp cotton, upcycled fabrics, and thrifted/vintage reworked pieces.

All masks have adjustable nose pieces, ear straps, and full coverage on the sides to successfully meet CDC Guidelines to promote complete effectiveness. Masks come in various shapes and sizes to fit everyone and their specific style needs. One of my fashion favorites is the house shape which features beautiful straps, which can even be tied around your neck when on the go and ideal for the perfect Instagram picture!

MIUSA is a brand that I am proud to support, and I keep going back for more. I got my entire family hooked as well as my boyfriend, and I am a full believer in practicing sustainability while keeping everyone safe.

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