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Sustainability Students Present at Interfilière New York

On Thursday, October 17th, a group of four LIM College students delivered a presentation on sustainable business practices in the fashion industry at the Interfilière New York trade show. An LIM freshman attended and wrote about the event.

On Thursday, October 17, a group of LIM College students minoring in Sustainability delivered a presentation called Steps and Solutions to Sustainability at the Interfilière New York workshop and trade show. I attended the presentation at the Javits Center, and can say that the four students (Eric Hita-Moralles, Sofia Martinez, Ashley Mosley, and Austin Sierra) did an excellent job.

When people think about the global fashion business, they often don’t think about the damage and pollution it can cause on our Earth. It was so refreshing to see college students teach real-world professionals what they can incorporate into their businesses to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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These presenters, the first cohort to be completing LIM’s Sustainability minor, mentioned many ways companies can become more sustainable with the help of other companies that strictly focus on the field, like Repreve. Repreve manufactures an innovative fiber often used for activewear and swim. Their fiber is made from recycled materials such as plastic water bottles. Another company they mentioned was EcoEnclose, which recycles shipping boxes. They also use soy-based inks rather than traditional petroleum-based ink, and they offer everything you need to ship packages, from boxes to labels.

As an LIM student, I’m proud that these presenters were so well prepared and professional, and they set a great example of LIM students. I also think they had a big impact on the brands. The audience was really invested in the presentation and some were even taking notes.

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Sierra said, “All companies want to be sustainable, they just don't know how. We were able to start them on the right path.” I completely agree. Sometimes all it takes is a conversation to get people motivated and educated to take steps they should take and want to take. After seeing their presentation, I think the companies will be more aware and careful with their resources and waste.

The LIM students introduced brand owners to eco-friendlier operational alternatives. I think we should all make an effort to become more sustainable, not just in our businesses, but in our home life too.