UnderFashion Club Scholarship Program 2022 Event Flyer


UnderFashion Club Scholarship Program, Spring 2022

The UnderFashion Club is a non-profit organization that helps support the future of the intimate apparel industry by partnering with high schools and colleges. Since 2012, the Club has provided scholarships through awards, grants, and more. This semester, students in LIM's Fashion Scholars program can apply for various UnderFashion Club scholarships. In January, LIM hosted a presentation on its partnership with UnderFashion Club and the scholarships it plans to award this spring.


UnderFashion Club Scholarship Program 2022

About this semester's scholarships:

Throughout February and the beginning of March, applicants will be tasked with writing an essay about their passion for working in the intimate apparel industry. They'll have the opportunity to interview with members of the Club who work for brands such as Aerie, Chantelle, and others. Students will also have the opportunity to share past work or projects relating to intimate apparel. The students who are selected for awards and grants will be announced over the summer.

UnderFashion Club Scholarship Program 2022 Kally Compton Recipient

My personal experience:

I can attest to how valuable UnderFashion scholarships are and how rewarding the application process can be. In 2020, I was awarded the Mary Krug Memorial Scholarship and an UnderFashion Club scholarship. I was able to work on a project that showcased my passion for intimate apparel and how I can use my skills in digital media to make the industry more inclusive.

I learned so much through research and developing concepts that integrated technology and digital marketing to improve the customer experience of the brand Savage X Fenty. I'm so thankful to be participating in the UnderFashion Club scholarship process again this year!

UnderFashion Club Scholarship Program 2022 Flyer 2

Q&A event:

In January, Amie Blumberg, LIM’s Vice President of Industry Relations hosted a Q&A on the College’s partnership with the UnderFashion Club. Being a past recipient, I was able to participate as a co-moderator. I and other student participants were able to learn from people that work within the data collection, digital marketing, and production/selling space for intimate apparel, including: Todd Mick, Client Developer for The NPD Group; Steve Chernoff, Chairman of Rago Foundations; Sonja Winther, President of Chantelle Inc.; and LIM alumna Urvi Mehta, Digital Marketing Manager of Chantelle Inc. Each shared their experiences and advice.

The conversation centered on how each person contributes to the industry, how their companies are evolving based on trends, and what LIM students should expect when working in intimate apparel.

Todd Mick spoke about how NPD uses consumer data to help improve marketing and production strategies for intimate apparel brands such as Chantelle. According to Mick, storytelling is everything, and it is important to be creative in packaging data in a way that will resonate.

Steve Chernoff has worked in the foundations sector of intimate apparel, and he shared his experience of how the industry has changed throughout the past few decades. He discussed how the industry used to be male-centered, but now there are more women in positions of leadership within the industry, including in buying and marketing. He noted the importance of storytelling and digital marketing to keep up with trends and communicate directly with consumers. 

Sonja Winther discussed her experience transitioning from working in men’s accessories to buying and selling intimate apparel. “It’s about going to the fitting rooms and talking to the people that are there every day,” she said. “We'll learn more from them than we ever will sitting in the office.”

Urvi Mehta shared how her background in social media marketing and her studies in LIM’s master's degree program helped prepare her for digital marketing at Chantelle. She shared how she uses social media and consumer data to build digital marketing strategies that tell a story of confidence for all women. “We want Chantelle to be the best friend of women,” she said. “We want to be there in support for every step of a woman’s adult life.”

All speakers stressed the importance of storytelling internally and externally within this business. They noted the current trends within the industry, which focus on comfort and confidence and stem from the inclusivity movement happening within fashion.

There are plenty of opportunities to take part in scholarships, internships, and future careers within the intimate apparel space. Thanks to the UnderFashion Club, those opportunities are possible for LIM students.