What You Should Bring to Your College Dorm Room

A List for LIM students moving into FOUND Study Residence Hall.

Found Study Bedroom

Moving into a Residence Hall can be an exciting, yet overwhelming experience. As you prepare to start the next chapter in your life, it’s essential to make sure you have everything you need for your home away from home.  

LIM College’s rooms at FOUND Study – Midtown East provide furnishings like desks, beds, kitchenettes (deluxe doubles only), and they all have private/ensuite bathrooms, but there are some essentials you should bring with you.  

In this article, we will look at what you should bring with you to your room at FOUND Study. And don’t worry if you can’t fit it all in the car when you arrive, you can always go shopping once you are here. This is NYC, after all! 

1. Bedding (to fit a Twin XL Mattress) 

Your bed is the core of the room, so it is important that the place where you rest your head brings you nothing but comfort. Make sure you get bedding for a Twin XL Mattress, including a comforter, sheets, and pillows.  

2. UL Approved Power Strip  

It is essential to have a place to plug in all your devices. A UL Approved power strip is the perfect, and safest, option to make sure all your electronics are charged.  

3. Alarm Clock 

Although we have all come to rely on our phones as our alarm clocks, it doesn’t hurt to get a spare. In case you forget to charge your phone, an actual alarm clock is the perfect back-up to wake you up and get you to class on time.  

4. Trash Can  

A trash can is essential for any dorm room to help make sure everything is neat and tidy. Or at least somewhat neat and tidy…. 

5. Hangers  

To make the best use of your closet space, make sure to bring hangers with you. 

6. Adhesive wall mounts/hooks  

Adhesive wall mounts and hooks are the perfect way to hang up posters and other wall decorations to make your room feel more homey. You can’t drill holes into the walls here. 

7. Laundry Basket  

Instead of throwing your dirty clothes on the floor, bring a laundry basket with you. This will also make it easier to carry your clothes to the on-site laundry facilities. 

8. Mini-Iron / Ironing Board  

Sometimes you must look your sharpest, whether for an end-of-semester presentation or an internship or job interview. An iron and ironing board will remove any wrinkles you may have on your professional clothes and give you that standout look. 

9. Desk Lamp  

You may have some all-night study benders at your desk, so it is best to bring a light source like a desk lamp so you don’t have to work in complete darkness if your roommate is trying to sleep. 

10. Plastic Bins (for under the bed storage)  

Since you’ll only have so much space, it is important to use it effectively. There is a ton of room underneath the beds that provides an excellent space for storage bins, so you can keep all your belongings nice and organized.  

11. Kitchen Equipment/Silverware 

Make sure to bring some basic kitchen equipment with you like a pot, pan, and spatula for when you want to cook in the residence hall. Even if you don’t plan to cook, you should also bring some plates, cups, and silverware for when you want to eat take out or delivery in your room. 

12. Towels/Toiletries/Toilet Paper 

All rooms have a private or ensuite bathroom, so bring all your own bathroom essentials. This includes bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, and toilet paper. You should also bring some cleaning supplies to clean the bathroom itself. 

13. Shower Organizer  

A shower caddy is an excellent way to keep all your shower essentials organized and easily accessible. 

14. Umbrella/Raincoat/Rain Boots  

It rains in New York on a regular basis. Make sure to keep dry when walking between classes by bringing an umbrella and/or a raincoat and rain boots.  

Moving away from home for the first time and into a Residence Hall can be a lot to deal with. By having what you need, your room will feel more like home and you’ll be ready to live your best NYC life!