Why LIM Students Love NYC

There are so many reasons why NYC is somewhere people love to visit and dream of coming to. The city is known for being filled with busy, working people. With the pandemic, NYC hasn’t been the same, but it is slowly going back to normal day-by-day.

New York City Skyline

I asked a few LIM students why they love NYC, why they moved to NYC, and what makes NYC unique to them. Their answers remind me why NYC is home:

“I love NYC because it makes me feel as I can be any type of person I want to be.I moved here because I love the vibe of the city. NYC is unique because whether you’re in SoHo, Harlem, or Midtown it all feels like a completely different place and you’re constantly exploring.” -Tessa Aldridge, Class of 2023

“I don't think there's a single thing I can point out as to why I love NYC. Something about the city has always called to me. I moved to NYC to chase after my dreams. In New York, anything is possible, and there is a surprising new opportunity around every corner.”-Kateri Koch, Class of 2023

“I love NYC because there is nowhere else that captures the energy of individuality, unity, and the strive for excellence. Here, you can be your best version of yourself, no matter how niche, how extravagant, or how different you may be. All are welcome to explore themselves and find their true happiness. NYC is the heart of progress, movements, and protest. You can feel centuries of the fight for justice under you as you walk the historic streets. Everyone moves with purpose, they rush through the streets to reach their destinations, and the pursuit of dreams is seen everywhere.”-Clay Lute, Class of 2023

“I love NYC for so many reasons, but I would say mainly because of the endless opportunities it provides, the mix of different cultures within the city, and just the beauty of it all. I moved to NYC because I always knew that New York was where I wanted to be, and that if I can make it in New York I can make it anywhere."

"I moved into the LIM residence hall because I was new to the city and I wanted the opportunity to hopefully make some new friends with people around my age that would be going to school with me or from schools near me.” -Antionette Graham, Class of 2023

“I love New York City because there is always something to do. There are constantly new things to look forward to. You will never ever be bored. I moved to the residence hall because I wanted to learn about the different areas of the city before I decided where to get an apartment. It was a great experience to live with friends and it was also a very easy commute to school. NYC is one of a kind. It feels like no other place." -Carol Rodriguez, Class of 2023

“I loved NYC from the moment I set foot in the city back in 2005 and cried when I had to leave in 2006 but knew I would be back. It really worked out in my favor that I wanted to study fashion and NYC is one of the best places for that. What truly captures my heart about NYC is the wonderful diversity you can find within the 5 boroughs and the amazing hustle mentality that pushes you to be the very best person you are more than capable of being.” - Ojal Mannepalli, Class of 2021

“I love NYC because it is truly the “city that never sleeps”! It is a city of endless opportunities; you just must put in the work. I think one thing that makes NYC unique is the diversity. There are individuals from all walks of life from around the world in just the 5-mile-long island of Manhattan. You don’t have to spend much money to dive deep into any culture of your choice.”-Anthony Stroube, Class of 2020

“I love NYC because it’s the only place in the world where I can walk the same street 3 times in one day and have a totally unique experience each time. I love the culture, diversity, ambition, and drive of New Yorkers. I moved to NYC because of the networking opportunities and job offers and I stay because of those same things.”- Tyra Mitchell, Class of 2021