Why So Many Students Love LIM

There are many reasons that students pick LIM college. There are many perks that we receive compared to other students attending other colleges. LIM does a phenomenal job preparing students for life after college. We require internships, hold career fairs, have professors who have worked in the field, and most importantly, all the faculty and staff are welcoming.

Group of people

The LIM College atmosphere feels like a family, and I am proud to say I attend LIM. I also asked some of my fellow classmates what they themselves are gaining from their time at LIM:

Leah Russell, Class of 2023

Favorite memory from LIM: My favorite memory was going to fashion week within the first 2 weeks of school! And working backstage at the Serena Williams’ fashion show.

Favorite aspect about LIM: My favorite aspect about LIM is the way the school is inclusive and creative.

What makes LIM stand out? LIM stands out because the classes are focused around our careers. Every teacher is also a networking opportunity.

(Taken at The Coterie Trade show field trip from the Honors Introduction to Fashion Business class)

Aayush Jain, Graduate Student

Favorite memory from LIM: I loved going to the Dream Dinner with Richemont and making good friends and connections.

Favorite aspect about LIM: My favorite aspect about LIM is the availability of resources and the small class sizes, which makes it very comfortable and easy to interact with other students and the professors.

What makes LIM stand out? The networking events and the opportunities we get to be a part of the business side of the fashion industry.

(Taken at the SLAB Ice Skating rooftop event)

Lexi Weins, Class of 2022

Favorite memory from LIM: I will never forget the photoshoot at the end of my Styling class. It was so cool to see firsthand what my (hopefully) future career entails.

Favorite aspect of LIM: There's not a traditional 'campus' where all the buildings are. Having everything spread throughout midtown, including the residence hall, urges us to be independent and to learn about the city. There is not a single other school that I find comparable to LIM. 

What makes LIM stand out? The opportunities we as students are presented with when it comes to internships and events is unmatched. We also have industry professionals teaching us—who better to learn from than those that can teach from experience! We also have unique majors and minors to choose from.

(Taken in the elevator of the 5th Ave LIM building)      

Falaq Ishaq, Class of 2023

Favorite memory from LIM: The boat cruise we had during orientation!

Favorite aspect of LIM College: The small class sizes, which allows everyone to get individualized attention!

What makes LIM stand out? LIM stands out from other colleges because of its internships and networking opportunities.

(Taken at the LIM College student orientation boat cruise)

Jasmine Ellington, Class of 2022

Favorite memory from LIM: My favorite memory is Mentor Camp last year; it was great to not only be able to hang out with friends, but also do team building activities that made us a stronger LIM community.

Favorite aspect of LIM College: My favorite part about LIM is the location. Being in the center of NYC (midtown) allows for the full New York City experience, for both fun and work. Nothing beats being able to grab coffee at your favorite bodega, then going to class and ending the night at some pop-up fashion event. 

What makes LIM stand out? LIM stands out from other schools because it provides the opportunity for real world experience. Having professors who worked—or still work—in the industry allows for hands-on knowledge of what it is like to work in fashion. LIM also provides numerous ways to find internships which has helped myself grow my network and find my current internship.

(Taken in NYC)

Maria Triantafillou, Class of 2023

Favorite memory from LIM: Working my first Fashion Week was by far the best experience. It was so amazing to be a part of the production and see the show come together from start to finish. Everyone is dressed to the nines; most times you even get to watch the show. It is a great network opportunity and learning experience. If you're lucky, there's left over gift bags you can take home. Additionally, you most likely will spot some celebrities.

What makes LIM stand out: LIM will do anything to help YOU succeed. The staff really goes above and beyond for their students and addresses any concerns they have. I love that I can develop close relationships with my professors.

Favorite aspect of LIM: I love the opportunity LIM gives you. We can work Fashion Week, go to events, job fairs, anything you have an interest in, LIM is there to help you meet your goal. They truly care about their students.

(Taken at the Vogue Forces of Fashion event)