Why You Should Attend On-Campus Open House When Choosing Your College

Are you in the process of figuring out what college to apply to and ultimately attend? Open Houses are an awesome opportunity to get a feel for the school and see what it has to offer!

students shaking hands on Maxwell mezzanine

Here, we're going to give you the five top reasons why you should attend on-campus Open Houses as part of your college selection process.

Attend LIM's next Open House!

  1. Get a feel for campus life: Open Houses give you the chance to explore the school's campus and see what your life as a student would be like there. You can check out the residence hall, student services offices, computer labs, and other facilities. You'll also probably get the chance to chat with current students and ask them about their experiences.
  2. Meet faculty and staff: Most Open House events—including those we host on campus at LIM—have representatives from the different academic departments available to answer your questions about coursework, curricula, and more. You can also research on-campus employment opportunities and career and internship services!
  3. Learn about the application process: This is an important one. Not only can attending an Open House help you understand what a school is looking for in its applicants; it's also an ideal time to learn about required application materials, deadlines, and any special programs or scholarships they offer. Already having this info in mind if you eventually decide to apply can give you an big advantage when it comes time to submit.
  4. Discover unique opportunities: Every school has something special to offer, and these days can give you a good idea of what sets a school apart. This could be a robust internship program, how the college leverage its prime location, or how it aligns with your specific interests and goals.
  5. Make connections: Lastly, attending an Open House event gives you the chance to meet other students who might be applying right along with you. You can exchange contact info and keep in touch throughout the application process. Having a support system can make the college search less overwhelming and more fun!