Womxn’s History Month Breakfast: Leaders in Entertainment, Media, and Marketing

On March 29, LIM hosted the Womxn’s History Month Breakfast featuring an inspiring Q&A with some amazing women in media, entertainment, and marketing who shared their experiences with LIM students and faculty.

Womxn's history month speakers headshots and titles

Speakers included:

  • Kadian Langlais (Chief Marketing Officer for Renfro Brands)
  • Kimberley Grayson (CMO, CRO, Brand Builder, Spokesperson and QVC On-Air Personality)
  • Mary Donahue (Senior VP of Development and Programming for History and A+E Television)
  • Sandy Brummels (Senior VP, Creative for Republic, Island, Def Jam and Verve Label Group)

All of these women spoke to the importance of standing up for yourself in any industry, using communication as a key tool in doing so. They also noted how their industries changed during and since the pandemic, and how they're helping to move their respective brands forward. 

Below are some quotes from these industry leaders

Kimberly spoke to how beauty standards are changing in on-air entertainment and how young women should all be open to change: “We’re happy to see the real human beings that are on camera,” she said. “There is a range of gender, ethnicities, ages—which is exciting.” 

“You should be open to new possibilities with your career,” Kimberly added. “Hold onto your passions, but be open that your passions and skills can be applied in various ways.” 

Mary discussed the importance of storytelling within business: “There is nothing more exciting than to enter people’s lives and tell their stories,” she said. “I care about authenticity.” 

“Women need to advocate for themselves,” Mary added. “Women need to think who can give me the exposure, push me forward, and help me grow?

Sandy shared ways to inspire young women who want to work in the music industry: “Be confident that you bring value to the field you’re pursuing,” she said. “It’s important to find mentors and lean on them to further develop your creativity and skills.”

“Network with people whose work you admire and connect with them,” she said. “There are people out there willing to help young people with their careers.”

Kadian highlighted the importance of building a support system and how to face resistance working in business: “Find a group of girlfriends,” she says. “We’re all challenged with similar things, and having your friends to support you can help you through tough times.”

“Organically, things work themselves out,” she said. “You have to be determined and know your worth.”