Learn by doing and do what you're passionate about.

Combining a focused academic curriculum with real industry experience is essential to the philosophy of LIM College and the success of our graduates. Follow your passion and find opportunities in everything from marketing, e-commerce, product development, social media and retail management to event planning, creative direction, human resources, and public relations.

Explore Undergrad Internships

Each undergraduate student at LIM College is required to complete Experiential Career Education and Internship courses (called CARE courses). Each level of the program is comprised of a classroom component and an internship component.

The classroom components are focused on developing job search skills, networking, self-exploration, and professional development. As part of the classroom component, signature events such as Pitch Night and the project-based experience, Fashion Forward LIVE, help you developing your skills and receive first-hand feedback from industry executives.

The internship component is comprised of an industry experience coupled with weekly reflection classes.

Cannabis Industry Internship and Job Requirements   
LIM College welcomes licensed and legal employing organizations in the business of cannabis. LIM College understands that marijuana (medical and/or adult-use) is legal in New York and in many other states yet remains prohibited under federal law. Further, Hemp and certain CBD products are federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. The regulatory requirements related to employment in the cannabis industry vary from state to state and are rapidly changing. Employment and internship opportunities may be limited or restricted based on state regulation and the extent to which a state has legalized the sale of cannabis. Some states have implemented licensing or other approval requirements for employment at a cannabis business. Students under age 21  may be restricted in their ability to work at a cannabis establishment and in accessing age restricted websites for employment information. A state may also require graduates or interns to undergo a criminal background check or other investigation prior to employment, the results of which could impact your ability to work in the cannabis industry. Age requirements and other employment stipulations may also vary by segments in the cannabis industry, such as ancillary, hemp, or CBD businesses. LIM College has not yet determined whether its cannabis business programs meet the cannabis employment licensing requirements of every state. As that information becomes available on a state-by-state basis, LIM College will update its disclosures appropriately.   


You will engage in activities focused on personal awareness and identifying your career objectives. Through seminars, guest speakers, panels, field trips and more, you will learn about specific career paths, articulate your career objectives as they align with your academic plans, and develop your skills and abilities.

Begin designing your dream career by exploring career paths that align with your academic plans, building your professional digital presence, making industry connections, and turning your passion into a plan.

As part of the career path exploration process, you will be exposed to and learn about career communities and emerging jobs. In this first stop on your career journey at LIM College, you will define your personal brand, build your career toolkit, create your internship and college-to-career plan, learn how to conduct a digital internship and job search, and more.

The Internship Prep: Designing Your Career class is followed by two subsequent internship courses. Find out if your dream job is something you really want to pursue by gaining first-hand information about potential career paths and work cultures. Along the way, get your questions answered and build professional connections with alumni and industry leaders in your area of interest.

Students are required to follow all internship policies outlined in the Experience Record and Learning Agreement.

Engage in an internship experience and career coaching sessions to support your career development. You will engage in this first professional learning experience for a minimum of 120 hours for 12-14 weeks and test out your ideal career before fully committing.

Explore more deeply personally, professionally, and academically. Dive into a different area of interest or pursue your chosen specialty by taking on more significant responsibilities, more impactful projects, or even managerial responsibilities for a minimum of 120 hours for 12-14 weeks.

At this level, you have already had several career education opportunities through your internships and are ready to emulate a full-time work experience through your Senior Co-op.

Students are required to follow all Senior Co-op policies outlined in the Experience Record and Learning Agreement.

By senior year, you have completed several internships and are ready to emulate an entry-level equivalent work experience. Before doing so, you must take this course in the semester prior to your co-operative education experience.

Coursework will focus on leadership principles, taking initiative, and mastering the interview in preparation for Senior Co-op. You will demonstrate your advanced ability to utilize job search strategies that will be the foundation for successfully seeking out and evaluating potential Co-op opportunities.

With clear career goals and a proven ability to be successful academically and professionally, you will engage in an “entry-level equivalent” work opportunity for your senior year experience.

This culminating experience is rigorous and significant. Over the course of the semester, you will complete a minimum of 400 hours of entry-level equivalent work for 12-14 weeks in your chosen field. You, the College, and your Co-op employer will develop and document learning objectives and an individualized plan, relevant to your academic and career goals. In the Fashion Forward track, students will participate in an industry focused, project-based internship.

The goal of Senior Co-op is to help you become confident in your ability to launch a career and achieve the next step in your career development.

Fashion Forward is an innovative, industry focused, project-based and career development virtual course experience for students with or without a traditional internship.

The heart of Fashion Forward is the of blending academics, industry, and career development in a hybrid virtual classroom. You will develop new skills, network like it’s a job, build industry relationships, experience a day in the life, grow as a leader, and prepare for a career in the business of fashion and lifestyle.

An optional internship course. Students often choose to register for this course because they have found an additional internship opportunity in between their required internships and their employer requires them to be earning credit.

Looking for the ultimate internship? Don’t wait for it to find you. Design an internship that’s uniquely right for you! Be proactive and create an internship at an organization that matches your academic interests. This one-of-a-kind experience can help you enhance your employability and advance your career goals.

This course is unrelated to your Internship 1, Internship 2, and Senior Co-op requirements. Prerequisites: CARE 1300, CARE 1620, and CARE 2620.