The 2020 Presidential Election


Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

The period leading up to the 2020 Presidential election has been one of excessive and prolonged stress for many. Managing this high level of anxiety can take a physical and emotional toll. And it may be days or weeks until we know the outcome of this contentious election. We share several programs and resources that you might find helpful at the bottom of this letter.

At times such as these we must rely on each other and the strength of the LIM College community. If the life-altering pandemic, continuing social injustice, and contentious political climate have taught us anything as a community, it is that in alignment with our core values, we know what we stand for and what we will stop at nothing to secure:

  • We demand a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in every action we take, collectively and as individuals.
  • We will tolerate nothing less than open, respectful dialogue.
  • We appreciate the importance of exercising our right to peaceful protest.
  • We will settle for nothing short of rigorous honesty and fact-based conversation.
  • We will do all we can to combat the spread of disinformation. We must come together, regardless of our differences, to support each other.

While we await the outcome of this election, do not forget that we are stronger unified than we are divided. Please realize that what you believe may not be true for others in the LIM community, so be mindful of that in your interactions.

Above all, please know that it is understandable to be experiencing a wide range of emotions at this time. It will take us time as a nation to unify. In the meantime, we can focus on our community and the people within it. We can concentrate on creating safe spaces to process our emotions. We will find a way to move forward and continue to support one another.

Below are resources and programs that we hope you will find helpful:

Student Resources*

  • Students are encouraged to join the "Real Talk About the Election" workshop hosted by the Office of Counseling and Accessibility Services via Zoom on Fri. Nov. 6 at 11 am.
  • Students are invited to visit and contribute to our virtual Election 2020 Reflection Wall.

Faculty and Staff Resources* 

  • Full-time faculty and staff may take advantage of an array of confidential services through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
  • All faculty and staff are also invited to visit and contribute to our virtual Election 2020 Reflection Wall.

*Please see your LIM email for links and login/registration info. 

Explanatory Videos

  • One of our students, Anna Grace K. Nimmo, an FYE mentor, shared two instructive videos with her class to help them better understand the election process:

Independent and Bipartisan Election Reporting and Results

Electoral College Information

Independent Fact Checking Sites

This is not an easy time for our nation. But we can rely on one another and stay true to what matters most for our future.


Elizabeth S. Marcuse, President


Lisa Springer, Provost