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A panel discussion for International Women’s Month

On March 26, LIM College’s Marcuse School of Graduate Studies held a virtual panel discussion on entrepreneurship in the fashion industry in honor of International Women’s Month.

Attended by LIM College graduate students and faculty, the panel was moderated by Industry Advisory Board co-chair Julie Koch-Beinke, who is founding partner of the multi-disciplinary branding, design, and creative services agency Alternatives. The guest panelists were:

The theme of the event was the increasing importance of female entrepreneurship in the global economy and the unique challenges that women entrepreneurs face.

The panelists shared their personal experiences with pivoting, highlighting how flexibility and adaptability had been critical to their success. They discussed practical tips for recognizing when a pivot is necessary and how to execute it effectively, emphasizing the importance of resilience and continuous learning.

The panelists also discussed how creating and nurturing networks can provide vital support, resources, and opportunities for female entrepreneurs. They shared strategies for engaging with local communities, building online platforms for collaboration, and leveraging networks for growth and innovation. The discussion underscored the importance of mentorship, peer support, and collaborative partnerships in entrepreneurship.

Panelists who were artists themselves or who had worked closely with artist entrepreneurs shared insights into the challenges and opportunities at the intersection of art and business. They discussed how artists can monetize their work, protect their intellectual property, and build sustainable business models that allow them to pursue their creative passions.

All the speakers shared inspiring stories of how their businesses had made a positive impact, discussing strategies for measuring and communicating this impact to stakeholders. They also explored the challenges of balancing mission and profitability and offered advice for aspiring entrepreneurs on how to navigate these complexities.