Creating a Mini-Magazine with a "Roar"

Daily Front Row 2021 Cover - LIM student issue
Intro Title
Marketing and Fashion Media majors produce insert for The Daily Front Row.

Since 2015, a special issue of the fashion magazine The Daily Front Row has featured an insert conceived and produced by LIM College students. This year’s student team created their edition with the theme Back with a Roar, paralleling the "roaring 20s"-style energy their generation feels poised to unleash in the post-pandemic era.

The eight students—several of whom also work on The Lexington Line, LIM’s student publication—were responsible for writing, photography, and art direction. 

"To produce this insert, we were excited to interview designers Tia Adeola and Anifa Mvuemba, exploring topics such as Black-owned fashion businesses, ways that the pandemic has changed fashion, and more," said rising Fashion Media junior Tessa Aldridge, Managing Editor for the issue. "It was an amazing learning experience, and I made valuable professional connections."

Following are the team members and their roles:

  • Editor in Chief: Emily Clarke
  • Managing Editor: Tessa Aldridge
  • Editorial Director: Samantha Morim
  • Creative Director: Samantha James
  • Fashion Market Editor: Kally Compton
  • Fashion Editors: Ian Grafvonluxburg, Sophia Naranjo, Kanika Talwar
  • LIM Publication Supervisor: Professor John Deming

Check out the digital version of this special Daily Front Row insert here.