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Faculty Q&A: Marianne Cursetjee

A veteran of Oregon’s cannabis market, Marianne Cursetjee will now be teaching a course on regulatory issues in the cannabis industry as part of LIM's BBA program in the Business of Cannabis, educating students about current and emerging topics impacting legalization and regulation.

Please tell us about your experience in the cannabis industry.
In 2016, I founded Alibi Cannabis, a high-tech indoor cultivation facility designed to produce top shelf products for the Oregon market. I established the company’s digital marketing strategy, and I lead business development with local partners. I recruit and manage a team in producing handcrafted cannabis. I also oversee compliance, finance, business strategy, and vendor management.

What will your students get out of the Cannabis and Regulatory Compliance course?
Cannabis is among the most regulated markets in the U.S. Its prohibition on the federal level makes it crucial to identify and understand the regulatory issues in this space. This class will give students a broad overview of local, state, and federal rules relating to the production, sale, and marketing of cannabis.

What is the state of legal cannabis regulation currently? How does that shape the way you think about this industry?
Product safety and restricted minor access are currently what’s at the core of cannabis regulation. Each locality regulates how compliance works in their area. Considerations include zoning, noise control, distance from schools, signage, marketing materials, packaging, seed-to-sale tracking, lab testing, and so much more.

What are your thoughts on LIM launching a bachelor’s degree program focused on the cannabis business?
I am thrilled to be part of an innovative program to further education around cannabis. The cannabis business is amazingly complex and wonderful. I'm excited to share some of these complexities with students and guide their learning in this field. 

What are some of the career opportunities you see for future professionals in this field?
Career options are myriad; our industry needs trained process experts, accountants, cultivators, scientists, and more. Those of us who are currently in the industry have had to study and grow in it during a time of immense change and challenge. I think the next generation of cannabis entrepreneurs will have a significant advantage as the market matures and stabilizes.

LIM's BBA program in The Business of Cannabis is currently accepting first-year applications for the class entering in Fall 2022.