Guest Speakers From Nike Visit LIM

Nike Guest Speaker
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On April 15, Andrea Crawford, a recruiter for Nike, and Nick Mancini, a Nike District Retail Director, came to the LIM College campus to speak to students in Professor Claire Young’s Career Building Seminar about their careers and offer advice for succeeding in today’s business world.

Crawford noted that LIM students have visited the Nike corporate office in past semesters, but this was the first time she has come onto campus to speak. “I think it’s important for us to be here so that LIM students can make future job connections with us,” she said.

Both Crawford and Mancini advised students that they should expect the unexpected in their career paths. Crawford recounted how a part-time role at Nike 23 years ago led to her current position. Mancini described his own career journey as a zig-zag. “Change should be in everyone’s DNA, especially with how fast the industry is moving now,” he emphasized.

When it came to classes, Mancini advised students to take a supply chain course, because it will provide valuable knowledge, especially if they are interested in working for a global corporation such as Nike.

Mancini also pointed out that even though an industry may be marked by constant change, a job’s “soft skills” will remain constant over time. He noted that, in addition to the ability to collaborate and to listen, something as fundamental as showing up and being willing to learn has helped him climb the career ladder.

Or, as one student astutely put it, “Just Do It.”