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A behind-the-scenes look at the newest edition of The Lexington Line—LIM College’s student-run magazine.

In honor of the spring and summer seasons, The Lexington Line's staff wanted to draw attention to climate change while appreciating aspects of nature. This latest issue places an editorial lens on the topic, through its styling, beauty, and set design, displayed in the fashion and beauty editorials. From flowers to oil spills, this issue has exciting motifs to inspire readers and bring awareness to climate change.

Students spent hours collaborating on this issue online via Zoom, as well as together in the magazine's "newsroom" and photo studio in LIM's 5th Ave building. The editors and directors put together great written content focusing on trending topics in the Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, and Culture sections.

This was the first time that staff worked in a studio space in over two years, due to COVID-19. The set design team partnered with Visual Studies classes to create unique sets made from recycled materials for the fashion editorial. The styling team also collaborated with an NC State University student who shared designs made of post-use waste.

The issue's Editor-in-Chief, Tessa Aldridge, reflects on the theme for this issue and how it came to life: “We really wanted to push what ‘fashion editorial’ looks like and create a deeper story. Climate change has only worsened in recent years, and fashion is part of that. Between our Fashion, Styling, and Set Design teams, we really brought to life how we perceive climate change and how it’s affecting us. Our Beauty Shoot was also a part of this story, highlighting the gorgeous flowers our Earth has given us, which was especially fitting for a S/S issue.” 

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The Lexington Line is a popular element of the Fashion Media major at LIM College. The magazine and its website allow students to gain hands-on experience with writing, editing, photography, modeling, graphic design, and more.