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"The Z Suite" creates networking opportunity and empowers Gen Z voices.

The Berns Communications Group (BCG) has selected LIM College to be among ten universities and colleges from which the leading PR firm will select students to join its prestigious Z Suite program. Students chosen for the Z Suite will receive the benefits of new networking and career opportunities, specialized mentoring, and publicity initiatives that come with being part of an elite cohort.

BCG is creating this group, which will consist of some 50 students from top schools—including the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, NYU, and others—to nurture and elevate powerful Gen Z voices in the consumer space. In addition to having a prominent platform for their goals and ideas, Z Suite students will have access to BCG's other professional communities, which includes impactful contributors in retail and tech.

"Gen Z is changing retail and fashion forever,” said Stacy Berns, President and Founder of Berns Communications Group. “That's why we are creating a new influencer network called The Z Suite, which will work alongside some of the most influential executives in retail and fashion.”

“LIM is honored to be among the colleges and universities BCG has chosen to participate in this prestigious program, and we are thrilled about the exposure and connections it will create for our students," said LIM College President Elizabeth S. Marcuse. "As the next generation of business leaders and executives, LIM students are known for seizing every opportunity they can to help shape the future and to serve as voices of their generation.”

With meetings and events planned both virtually and in-person in New York City, the Z Suite program officially kicks off in September of 2022.