LIM Students Recognized for Knowledge of Socially Responsible Business Practices

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A team of four LIM College students recently won second place in the undergraduate division of the Educators for Socially Responsible Apparel Practices (ESRAP) 2020 Student Merchandising Poster Competition.

Participants in the juried poster competition were charged with using an entrepreneurial mindset to develop a business plan for a socially responsible fashion retailer.

The LIM team, which consisted of Luciano DiGiorgio, Madison Peltzman, Sabrina Cioffi, and Karen Rabba, developed a proposal for GAEA, a brand that would employ local artists to customize bomber jackets using a material made from the fiber of pineapple leaves. The students worked with faculty advisors Michael Londrigan and Andrea Kennedy on the project.

The goal of the ESRAP competition was to empower students to become change agents through the application of socially responsible business practices, as well as for them to develop a practical understanding of the challenges of running a socially responsible fashion business. The winners were announced at the annual International Textile and Apparel Association conference in Las Vegas.