"Phashion Phorward": LIM Students Develop Concepts for the Phluid Project

Intro Title
As the end of the Fall 2020 semester draws near, students participating in LIM’s Fashion Forward course are creating real-world projects in partnership with the Phluid Project.

This is part of the College’s Fashion Forward initiative—a virtual, project-based career development course for students with or without a traditional internship.

The Phluid Project, launched in 2018 in New York City and online as a gender-free fashion brand.

Says Phluid Project Founder Rob Garrett Smith, “We joined a movement of humans committed to challenging the ethos of traditions past that inhibit freedom and self-expression. Our world is grounded in purpose and humanity through fashion, community, activism, and education. The rising voice of today’s youth reject gender binaries and desire an all- encompassing space, both physically and virtually, that allows us to wear what makes us feel good and express ourselves with freedom and authenticity."

Last week, two virtual sessions were held for students to present their initial work to Smith. Smith viewed the projects and provided feedback on how the students can further evolve their concepts and make improvements for their final presentations.

Those concepts involved areas such as content creation, brand ambassador programs, and social media. Whether it was new Instagram filters, behind-the-scenes videos, or engaging TikTok challenges, the students demonstrated both their creativity and the knowledge of branding and marketing they acquired in their LIM courses.

Final presentations will take place during LIM’s “Phashion Phorward LIVE” event the week of December 7.