The Results of the 2020 Presidential Election


November 7, 2020


Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

A record number of Americans have exercised their right to vote and the Associated Press and other media outlets have called the election for former Vice President Joe Biden. He will become the 46th President of the United States of America. This will also mark the first time in history that we will have a woman and person of color — Senator Kamala Harris, a Black and Indian American woman — as Vice President.  

Acknowledging your candidate of choice may or may not have won, it is incumbent upon each of us to continue to be united, as an LIM family. In alignment with our core values, we know what we stand for and what we will stop at nothing to secure. It is worth re-iterating that: 

  • We demand a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in every action we take, collectively and as individuals. 
  • We will tolerate nothing less than open, respectful dialogue. 
  • We appreciate the importance of exercising our right to peaceful protest. 
  •  We will settle for nothing short of rigorous honesty and fact-based conversation. 
  • We will do all we can to combat the spread of disinformation.  

Now more than ever, the LIM community must come together, regardless of our differences, to support each other and start the healing process. We are still in the midst of a global pandemic and great societal division and upheaval.  The days ahead may continue to be difficult ones for many in our community.  

As we look towards the future, much remains to be done. As a higher education institution, it is our responsibility to proactively counter racism and promote equity. Let us recommit to respecting one another, focusing on positive action, and building peaceful and productive dialogue. 

Elizabeth S. Marcuse, President  
Lisa Springer, Provost