Student Spotlight: Jesly Cruz (‘22)

Jesly Cruz

Hometown: Garnerville, NY
Career Goal: Social Media Marketer

What made you choose LIM College?
I took a few fashion classes in high school, which made me realize that’s what I wanted to pursue as a career. Later on, I also realized I enjoyed the marketing aspect of the fashion industry. While looking for colleges, I found LIM and I knew it was a perfect fit for me. It wasn’t too far from home, and it had the exact major and career path I wanted to pursue.

What was it like adjusting to life at LIM?
Since I live in Rockland County, New York, I was used to coming to the city a lot. At first, it was odd having so much freedom in a huge city! But I love it. I also came from a high school that had over 3,000 students, so a smaller college was an ideal change for me. The small classes and the amazing community made it easy for me to adjust to LIM.

What experiences and opportunities have you had since coming to LIM?
I have had so many amazing experiences. I’ve been able to complete internships which have helped me gain experience in the fashion world. I became a student mentor, which introduced me to a lot of amazing people. Along with that, I had the opportunity to volunteer for New York Fashion Week and walked the runway in the LIM Fashion Show.

How is LIM aiding your professional development?
The school requires us to complete internships. And with these internships also come classes that help us increase our professionalism. One of my other favorite classes at LIM has been Consumer Behavior.

What advice would you share with other students coming to LIM?
Do not be afraid to pursue your dreams. This school has many connections that make those dreams possible.