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Scholarship competition sponsored by Saga Furs and the Accessories Council

This semester, LIM students from two Sustainability and the Future of Fashion classes took part in a project scholarship competition sponsored by the Accessories Council and the international auction house Saga Furs.

The students were charged with creating marketing business plans that incorporated "triple bottom line" practices—social, environmental, and financial—with a special eye toward sustainability strategies. Students were also asked to infuse their proposals with creative ways to engage younger customers

In competing for the $1500 grand prize, each team first presented their pitch to their class’s professor. The professors then designated two top teams from their class to move to the "final round" and present to representatives from Saga Furs and the Accessories Council.

Final judging took place Dec. 11, conducted by Accessories Council President Karen Giberson, General Manager of Saga Fur North America Charlie Ross, and Marika Peuhkuri-Grön, Head Officer, Certifications & Sustainability for Saga.

The winning team from Professor Beth Hochberg’s class consisted of Kally Compton, Lissette Bravo, Isabella Erickson, Carolina Rodriguez, and Erica Zerby. Their team proposed a revamped Saga Furs app, with new features to attract and engage Gen Z consumers, along with the tagline "No Fur is Equal."

Said Ross, “Thanks to all the students who participated in the Saga sustainability projects this year. There were many interesting concepts discussed by the groups on how to market sustainable fur to the fashion community and consumers.”