Students Bring Their Event Styling Skills Downtown

Pave Gala

On December 4, Visual Studies majors from LIM College showed off their skills at the annual Planning and Visual Education Partnership (PAVE) gala. The gala took place at the famed downtown Manhattan event space Cipriani, as part of New York Market Week.

Each year, PAVE invites students from various art and fashion schools to help bring the gala’s look to life. Freshman Danielle Russo, sophomore Olivia Russell, and juniors Noah Stumph and Elisa Ramirez were selected to represent LIM. Their contributions included building the gala's tabletop centerpieces as well as creating floral arrangements in the space.

"Having the students at the PAVE gala setup was a wonderful opportunity to utilize knowledge taught in the classroom and bring it into the real world," said faculty member Monica Rakocy, who was onsite with the students at Cipriani.

"They were able to flex their creativity and meet likeminded students as well as industry professionals. Such experiences are priceless."