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Two LIM College students have been awarded a cash prize and an all- expense paid trip to Finland for their ideas on sustainability in fashion.

During the Fall 2022 semester, students in the LIM course Sustainability and The Future of Fashion were given an opportunity to come up with sustainability proposals for the Helsinki-based fur auction house Saga Furs. The company chose Jane Biedermann ‘24 and Bianca Cedillo ’24 as the winners of the challenge.  

Biedermann and Cedeno will now be going to Saga Furs headquarters in Finland from May 29 to June 2. They will take part in a workshop to further their education in sustainability and working with fur. 

Biedermann’s proposal used a circularity model where customers could return furs to the company to be upcycled and resold.  

Cedillo came up with an idea for a virtual reality tour that customers and clients could take so they could see the entire production line of items from start to finish.  

Said Biedermann, “It is definitely an honor, since Saga Furs is one of the biggest fur auction houses. I am really looking forward to getting a closer look into the industry.” 

“I am hoping to gain knowledge,” Cedillo said of the trip. Her career goal is to become a fashion designer and start a brand that contributes to the fight against human trafficking.  
“In order to grow you have to learn, so I want to learn everything it takes to run a company,” Cedeno noted. 

Said Charlie Ross, Saga Furs’ Head of International Marketing, “We found that the students brought us a very fresh approach and new ideas, and we look forward to continuing the program.”