We're Back!!! (not that we were ever gone....)

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Your Courses, Your Way: LIM 2021

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all learned a lot. How to learn and work from home, how to use technology to interact and stay connected… not to mention how to properly wash our hands. 
The entire LIM community has come to appreciate the value of in-person connection and physical gatherings, while also embracing the increased flexibility and convenience of being able to learn and work remotely.  
So, this coming fall, the College will take the next logical step in giving students even more of the flexibility they want and need. 
The 2021-22 academic year will allow all students who wish to study in person to do so! We will have a full range of in-person classes available. We will also offer the option for you to select the schedule of classes that best suits your learning style and your schedule.  It can even include a mix of classes, some of which have in-person components and some that don’t. Your advisor will work with you to build a schedule that works for you. 
Plus clubs, activities, group projects, and student/faculty/staff meetings will again be offered in person, in our newly renovated and re-designed Maxwell Hall and 5th Avenue campus spaces. 
We have learned that one size definitely does not fit all, and, as we’ve done for 80+ years, we’re adapting the LIM experience accordingly.  
Here’s to a fabulous return to our beloved NYC campus and an exciting new future!