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Students, faculty, and an alum offer their perspectives on WWD podcast.

Five members of the LIM College community were recently featured on a WWD Voices podcast episode on technology in fashion.

Hosted by WWD Executive Editor Arthur Zaczkiewicz, the episode was titled “Where is Fashion Technology Headed?”

The discussion was moderated by Deborah Metts, an adjunct faculty member in LIM’s Fashion Merchandising and Marketing department and co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of fashion tech company Beyond the Runway.

Anna Bennudriti ’04, Vice President of Digital Marketing at Belk, provided an alumni perspective on the topic, while Lillianna Runacres and Cheyenne Monica Hines, both juniors in majoring in Fashion Merchandising, and Chloe Schmidtbauer, a sophomore Fashion Media major, also shared their views.

Said Lilliana, “I’ve learned so much about data and how data is driving fashion, which is not something I thought about before being a student.”

Cheyenne noted, “LIM teaches you how to work with things such as AI and not just avoid it…some are afraid of it, but it can help you.”

In addition to being posted on WWD’s site, the podcast is available on Audible, Apple, Google, iHeart, Spotify, Stitcher, and Pod.Link. WWD has a subscription base of 80,000 industry leaders, stakeholders, and influencers and WWD Voices podcasts generally reach an audience of between 3,000 and 5,000 listeners.

Listen to the podcast.