Alumni Q&A: Entertainment PR at Tommy Hilfiger

  • Davonte Holly
  • Class of 2015
Davonte Holly

DaVonte graduated from LIM in 2015, with a BBA in Fashion Merchandising. Now an Entertainment PR Coordinator at Tommy Hilfiger, DaVonte credits LIM’s courses and internship program with helping him establish a professional network and find mentors in the fashion world.

What’s happening in your career right now?
At Tommy Hilfiger, my duties involve managing all celebrity/VIP dressing requests for the Americas, researching relevant celebrity news, drafting media/dressing alerts for VIP wardrobing, assisting with global special events—like the Met Gala and fashion shows—and handling model castings for global campaigns.

How did your LIM College experience help prepare you for your career?
I chose LIM because I was interested in the fashion industry and I wanted to be in New York. I benefited from having an established professional network by the time I graduated. A lot of people I currently work with went to LIM.

What were some of your favorite classes?
Trend Forecasting was a creative opportunity for me to express my fashion insight and learn more about fashion forecasting. I also liked Fashion Fundamentals (now Introduction to the Fashion Business)—my professor made the whole experience fun, taught me the basics of the industry, and continued guiding me throughout my time at LIM.

How was LIM’s internship program helpful in your professional development?
I was a Public Relations intern with Calvin Klein. That internship helped me discover my passion for PR and helped me jump-start my career. My former boss from Calvin Klein guided me and connected me with the right people to help continue my growth.

What career accomplishments are you most proud of?
I actually have several, particularly my first Emmy’s red carpet and having a client on the Hollywood Reporter’s "Best Dressed List." I’ve also had the pleasure of working directly with Tommy Hilfiger himself.

How do you maintain a work/life balance?
Celebrity PR is a 24/7 type of job, so I make sure to take frequent vacations.