Alumni Q&A: PR & Influencer Coordinator

  • Brittany Minetti
  • 2018
Brittany Minetti

Brittany’s internships not only helped her figure out her career path, but also led to her getting hired into a newly created position. Now, as the PR & Influencer Coordinator for a beauty company, Brittany is at the forefront of quickly changing trends in fashion messaging and brand publicity.

What’s happening in your career now?
I'm the PR & Influencer Coordinator at DevaCurl, a brand that makes hair products for all “curlkind.” This was the company where I completed my Senior Co-op internship, and I was offered this job midway through. The role was essentially created for me. I work with influencers and editors on a daily basis, managing relationships, coordinating campaigns, pitching media, hosting events, and building strategies. It's crazy to think that my role didn't exist five years ago—the rise of the influencer is huge!

What made you choose LIM?
Nothing can describe the way I felt during my campus tour. I actually got chills! I knew it was exactly where I needed to be and that I was going to be part of a community that pays attention to you, wants you to succeed, and encourages you to put yourself out there and make connections. 

What was your favorite class?
I loved Consumer Behavior because you learn so much about how to market to consumers and the psychology behind it all. However, the classes that prepared me most for real life were the career classes that focus on corporate life, interviewing, and resume building.

How did the courses you took at LIM prepare you for your career?
The fact that most of my professors had backgrounds in fashion business helped me gain real-life knowledge of how the industry works. I learned what to expect in the industry and how to market myself as a professional. In my Public Relations course, I learned how to write pitches, a skill I took to my DevaCurl internship and which I now use every day in my job there!

How did being part of LIM’s Fashion Scholars program help you achieve your goals?
Fashion Scholars get paired with an Alumni Mentor who provides insight and advice. That ended up leading to my internship at DevaCurl.

What advice would you give someone considering a career in your field?
Intern, intern, intern! There's no way to tell if you’ll like something or be strong at it if you don't try it first. I wanted to do graphic design for the longest time—I was actually the Art Director for the Lexington Line—but interning at a company where that was my role showed me I wanted to pursue something else as my career. Put yourself out there, make connections, and never burn bridges. In the beauty and fashion industry, it’s all about who you know!