Alumni Q&A: Social Media Strategist / Community Manager, Noble Panacea

  • Veronica Radyuk
  • Class of 2017
Veronica Radyuk

Veronica earned a degree in Marketing after interning with Nylon Magazine, V Magazine, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Why did you choose LIM?
I took a pre-college course and got to meet the school’s community of Fashion Scholars and professors. The experience empowered me to explore my creativity, while supporting me in developing a practical, business mindset. I had always wanted to go to school in New York City, and with the opportunity this college would give me to truly focus on my career, it felt natural to enroll.

What’s happening in your career now?
I am a Social Media Strategist / Community Manager at a new skincare brand called Noble Panacea. I support strategy development and integrate marketing priorities across key social channels. I have also been managing press discussions, larger campaign concepts, and event production. For example, within my first few months, I helped execute our brand reveal at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

How did your LIM education help prepare you for your career?
The Fashion Scholars program presented such a dynamic and valuable community. Everyone was always supportive and, since classes are so small, the relationships grew so strongly. The online honors courses presented a sense of autonomy, which was invaluable when I started taking on internships and jobs that required a self-starting mentality. I interned at publications I dreamed of, like Nylon and V Magazine, while I also worked two paid jobs. Time-management and an entrepreneurial mindset were great life lessons instilled in me from day one at LIM.
Did you have any especially memorable experiences at your internships?
I worked at Saks Fifth Avenue for my Senior Co-op. While there, I was given the responsibility of managing and executing two Chanel campaign shoots in one day. This is something I never would have expected to do as an intern, but it’s definitely one of those projects I frequently mention!
Has the COVID-19 pandemic caused changes to your job?
I have been fortunate to work in a job that already allowed me to work remotely. That took some adjusting when I first joined the team. But, it actually pushed me to become more accountable for my schedule, time, and projects. The changes happening now in the industry show that remote work is not only possible in many cases, but it can really drive productivity and accountability.
As you're experienced working this way, any advice for others who are adapting to it?
Adjusting to a new working style takes time—don’t beat yourself up if you don’t find yourself being as productive as you’d like at first. You have to find a personal formula that works for you. I always create a schedule that incorporates my morning coffee, email time, meetings, and things like exercise or taking moments to reset  If you don’t have a separate room or home office to work in, just designate a specific area. As long as it isn’t your bed, or anywhere you’re easily distractible, it can help you focus.