Major: Fashion Media
Hometown: Thousand Oaks, California 
Current position: Copywriter, GCNY Marketing / Features Writer, TheThings
Transferring to LIM from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), Samantha fell in love with the innovative writing courses she found at her new college. After an internship with the Manhattan-based label ShopAllison, in addition to serving as Editor-in-Chief for the school's magazine, The Lexington Line, Samantha now writes for both GCNY Marketing and TheThings.

What made you choose LIM as the next step in your education?
I was attending FIDM in Los Angeles. On a trip to New York, someone I was with happened to mention LIM College. I saw the school had a Fashion Media program, and the writing classes drew me in. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do in my career, but I knew I was interested in editorial and fashion. This program focused on editorial writing and other media aspects. I immediately applied!  

What was the transfer application process like?
The transfer process was seamless! When I reached out as a prospective transfer student, I was immediately contacted and had a representative from the school walk me through everything. She was available to me at every step!

What did you like best about the Fashion Media major?
I loved my New Media classes. Getting a breakdown of writing with real-time feedback was so helpful. I also loved pitching articles to our incredible school magazine, The Lexington Line.

What was your experience as an LIM student like?
I started at LIM during the pandemic, so all my classes were on Zoom from California. I decided to join The Lexington Line remotely. I was the magazine's Assistant Creative Director my first semester, and ultimately had the honor of becoming Editor-in-Chief. I made so many friends and met a lot of amazing people! This experience made me a better writer, editor, and leader.

I was also a tutor in our Writing Center, where I got to meet many LIM students. Being able to help people with their writing was rewarding.

Can you tell us about the internship you completed at LIM? 
I was a Fashion Assistant for ShopAllison, which was amazing. I got a front-row view of influencer marketing and was able to run their social media account. For my Senior Co-op, I served as the Teaching Assistant for LIM's New Media, Intermediate New Media, and Advanced New Media classes, which helped me learn a lot.  

Please tell us about your work with GCNY Marketing and TheThings
I'm currently a Copywriter for GCNY Marketing and Features Writer for TheThings. Having my articles published in The Lexington Line, being Editor-in-Chief, and being a Writing Center tutor gave me the experience I needed to qualify for these positions. I also contacted my past professors when I needed advice during the hiring process, and they were more than willing to help.

What was it like going to school in New York City?  
Going to school in New York was the best experience! Getting to be a college student in this city and living in my first apartment is something I'll forever cherish. There's no place like New York!