Name: Jenna Filingeri ‘23
Hometown: Colts Neck, New Jersey 
Major: Fashion Merchandising

What made you choose LIM?
I wanted a college that was career focused. A few people from my hometown had attended LIM. After hearing about the careers they now had in fashion, I became drawn to the school.

What was your experience transferring to LIM like?
I transferred from The University of Arizona to LIM as a freshman. It was challenging at first! I left behind a large state school and was thrown into the fast-paced, competitive, and inspiring environment of LIM. To work through the changes, I immersed myself in any and every opportunity that was presented to me. Within the first three weeks, LIM held a Career Fair where I met with Birkenstock, USA was able to get a job at their flagship store in Manhattan. I also attended the club fair where I put my name down for any campus groups that seemed interesting.

What are some of the groups you got involved in? 
I’ve worked on The Lexington Line, LIM’s student-run magazine, for two years and have been Styling Director for three semesters. I’m also a member of the College’s sustainability task force.

How is LIM helping you work toward your career goals? 
I’m interested in a couple different sectors of the fashion industry: sustainability and styling. I see myself pursuing work as a sustainability director for an emerging sustainable brand. I'd also like to work as a celebrity stylist. And LIM has provided me real-world experience in both interests, so when I do get the chance to work either of these jobs, I’ll be well prepared.

What are some examples of real-world experiences you’ve had through LIM?
Through my work on The Lexington Line, I was able to get an internship working New York Fashion Week for celebrity stylist Molly Dickson, working with names such as, Addison Rae, Camila Coelho, and Scarlett Johansson.

Molly Dickson
Molly Dickson (Photo courtesy of Molly Dickson / Romer Pedron)

Since then, I have been hired by Molly and also referred to work for another celebrity stylist, Micaela Erlanger. These opportunities have opened so many doors for me.

What advice do you have for other students considering coming to LIM? 
My advice is to take the leap and be prepared to enter the industry you have always dreamed of!