Hometown: Howell, NJ 
Major: Fashion Merchandising 
Minor: Beauty 
Favorite Course: Creative Process of the Beauty Industry 

How did you hear about LIM and why did you choose it as the next step in your education? 
I attended Brookdale Community College, which has a transfer partnership with LIM. I chose LIM because I really love how this school requires internships to graduate, giving you industry experience and a great resume. I also chose LIM for its student involvement, which is deeply encouraged and gives you additional opportunities to make friends, network, and share your talents. 

What campus groups are you involved in?  
I live near the Jersey Shore and commute into the city to go to LIM, but I’m glad to say I’m very involved in the school. I’m part of the Delta Mu Delta and Alpha Beta Kappa honor societies. I’m also the Head Pro Makeup Artist for the LIM Cosmetics Club. In fact, my favorite project I have done at LIM was working on the club’s ad for The Lexington Line print issue. Producing content for the Cosmetics Club Instagram page has been an amazing experience too.

What are your career interests? And how is LIM helping you work toward those? 
I’m an independent hairstylist and makeup artist outside of LIM, and my academic work has really given me a competitive edge and made me able to market myself and my business more effectively. I’m also a licensed cosmetologist and work in the salon at ULTA Beauty.

What advice do you have for other students considering coming to LIM? 
Networking is key! It’s truly the way to get ahead in the industry, and it is important to be involved and get to know your professors and the people around you. You never know what opportunities can come out of the people you meet!