Keli's college journey brought her to several schools, including LIM College, where she's currently pursuing a BBA in the Business of Fashion online. Combining her interests in management and apparel, Keli's progressing toward her dream of owning a boutique and café in her hometown.

Major: Business of Fashion

Hometown: Flushing, NY

What made you choose LIM as the next step in your education?

I’d received my AAS in Fashion Design and Merchandising but realized I wanted to learn more about the business aspect of fashion. LIM’s Business of Fashion bachelor’s program is a great opportunity to learn about how to manage and build your own business in this industry.


What was the transfer process like?

It was amazingly easy. I had help from a wonderful LIM Admissions Counselor who guided me every step of the way. She was very helpful in identifying my needs and what classes I needed to take prior to transferring. I actually couldn’t afford to take classes full time when I first started, so she helped me with figuring out do-able options.

Did you receive any scholarships or financial assistance?

I was able to apply for tuition reimbursement through my current job. I work for an apparel manufacturing company that covers up to two classes, as long as they’re subjects I can apply at work. For example, one of the classes was Product Lifecycle Management, which is a tool we use in my department.

Please tell us about your internship experience through LIM.

I worked for a beauty and wellness company, working with the supply chain department, working with vendors, doing imports and exports. I learned a lot there because I was able to put my leadership and negotiation skills to the test. 


Anything else you'd like to add?

LIM offers a lot of support for different people from different walks of life. The instructors are also very helpful, and I have learned a lot through my classes. Working full time and going to school full time may seem like an impossible task, but with determination, self-accountability, and guidance from your counselors, anything is possible!