A Dior Client Advisor Goes for a Grad Degree

  • Clements Park
  • MPS '21
Clements Park

Enrolling directly into LIM’s online grad program in Fashion Marketing has allowed Clements to earn a master’s degree on his own schedule, while simultaneously working full-time in e-commerce at Dior.

What was your educational experience before enrolling in LIM’s online master’s degree program?
I completed my bachelor’s at Brandeis University in 2020, triple-majoring in Business, International Global Studies, and East Asian Studies. As I explored different fields for my next step, I noticed that I connected a lot of subjects to my interest in fashion and concluded that that’s where I wanted to work.

What made you choose LIM?
Graduating with the first “pandemic class” last May, I struggled to find any job, let alone one in the fashion industry. In my job search, I noticed that LIM’s alumni worked for a lot of the companies I was interested in. As marketing was my favorite undergraduate subject, I decided that a master’s in Fashion Marketing would be the most strategic decision. After researching different options in New York City, I decided to take advantage of LIM’s flexible enrollment calendar. 

What do you like most about your program?
The topical discussions and projects have helped me further articulate my career interests in the fashion industry. Probably my favorite part of this experience has been the freedom. The asynchronous scheduling of courses has allowed me to maintain a full-time work schedule.

Can you tell us about your current job? Has your LIM program aided you there?
I work as an e-commerce client advisor for Dior. Most days, I communicate with both e-commerce and boutique clients digitally. As I assist with a variety of inquiries—including product information, sales, and aftercare—the position has given me opportunities to learn about Dior’s clients and provide a well-branded experience. Having to directly interact with clients, my marketing and merchandising courses have provided me with resources to best approach my day-to-day role from a customer relationship management and sales perspective. 

What has your contact with your professors and classmates been like?
The professors have not only been responsive, but also very sincere with their feedback and career advice. Studying online can make it harder to interact directly with classmates; but fortunately, I’ve had smaller classes, which has made it easier to get to know people better.