Elevating Diverse Voices through Fashion Media

  • Sianalee Valdez
  • '22
Sianalee Valdez

Name: Sianalee Valdez 
Hometown: South Plainfield, NJ
Major: Fashion Media
Favorite Class: Mass Media

How did you first hear about LIM, and why did you decide to come here?  
One of my friends from South Plainfield High School in New Jersey attended a college fair where LIM had a booth. He felt like I would love the school and showed me their flyer. I researched LIM and, for sure, I did love it!

I came to school here not only because it is in NYC, but because I couldn’t find a Fashion Media major anywhere else in my research. I also chose LIM because of their internship program. LIM really focuses on building a portfolio of the skills that are taught in class.

What are some interesting projects you’ve worked on as an LIM student?   
I’ve loved every assignment. They’re super interesting and helpful to my career path. My favorite is probably from Visual Merchandising, where we created our own brick-and-mortar store. It helped expand my vision for my own company tremendously.

Please tell us a little about your company. 
More Than House is a media publication and events hosting company promoting raw storytelling and creative content from people of all walks of life. I started it because I felt there was a need to push realness to the forefront of media and entertainment.

More Than House logo

At LIM, in classes like Marketing, Mass Media, and the Power of the Brand, we learn how media companies influence the masses. I wanted to create a platform where the voices of the people are validated and promoted.

We are currently finishing up our print publication, More Than News. We’re gathering public surveys on topics such as crypto currency, body shaming, BLM, intersectionality, and more, to take society’s temperature on these issues. This summer, to inspire people, we’ll be hosting a biweekly community connection event in NYC at Washington Square Park called “Pic Nic Lincs.”

What advice do you have for students who may be considering attending LIM? 
Apply! Even if what you want to do is design, it is critical to be well-versed in the business of fashion.