International Student Q&A: Kimber Yang

Program: Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

Year: MPS '23

Home city: Shanghai, China

What made you choose LIM as the next step in your education?

I was a fashion designer and a singer back in China—I have my own brand, called DUIWAI—but I always knew I wanted to step out of my comfort zone to really achieve in my career. I also knew I was not a practical “business thinker,” so I thought what I would learn at LIM would be helpful for me to have a successful career.

What has your experience at LIM and in New York City been like?

My master’s program is quite different than I imagined! In my Technology in Fashion Merchandising and Management class, we learn about advanced tools and mathematical techniques being used in fashion, which are so interesting and actually connect with my undergraduate coursework, when I focused on sportswear fashion, which is very tech-driven.

New York is the most fast-paced city I’ve ever lived in. I’m finding even more opportunity here and chances to broaden my horizons than when I was in London or Shanghai. 


How does LIM create a welcoming environment for international students?

The International Student Services office is always so helpful to this community. Plus, our professors account for the language gaps that many of us have by communicating with us closely to make sure we’re comfortable and understanding the material. 

Anything else you'd like to add?

LIM is a school that helps you identify the skills and tools you have to acquire in order to jump out of your comfort zone and progress in your career path. And this is why I chose to go here.