Constance Kalpakis, ‘21 works in brand relations at Edie Parker, a pioneering fashion and lifestyle company whose tagline is, “Where Fashion Meets Flower.”

According to their website, “Edie Parker is a lifestyle destination for those who love fashion, flower and the seamless mixing of the two.” (Flower is a term for the dried flower bud of a female cannabis plant.) The company’s products include handbags, homeware, accessories, and more.

As a Fashion Media major, Constance’s internship experiences included running the social media for a celebrity hairstylist, as well as working with Oxford Studio for Paris Fashion Week. She also served as the music editor for LIM’s student-run fashion and lifestyle magazine, The Lexington Line.

Constance originally started at Edie Parker as a sales associate, eventually landing her dream job in brand management.

She credits much of her success to her education at LIM, which provided her with a strong foundation in professionalism.

“Going to LIM, they put you to work from day one. I already had so much professional and corporate experience post-graduation and they really prepared me with a really great work ethic.”

Constance also notes that the most important thing LIM left her with is a professional network. “I feel like my career had already started by completing all of those internships and making all of those connections.”

Constance is currently creating an internship program at Edie Parker, which will give participants a chance to build their portfolios.

When it comes to advice for current students she says, “It can be very overwhelming to figure out what you want to do because there’s so much out there. But if you network as much as you can and apply yourself to any creative business, you’ll always find something that you can eventually develop into the career you want.”

“Edie Parker is a great example of what you can do with a BBA in the cannabis industry. You can do something really creative with it, like how Edie Parker combines fashion and flower.”