Graduate Student Q&A: Learning Fashion Marketing while Running a Personal Brand

  • Dante Johnson
  • MPS '21

Dante is currently earning his MPS degree in LIM's Fashion Marketing program, while also developing his own clothing brand, Concrete Blossoms Garden. The native of Duval County in Jacksonville, FL plans to complete his degree this coming August.

What was your educational background before coming to LIM?
I studied visual arts growing up. Then, I attended the University of Central Florida (UCF), where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Although I spent my first two undergrad years majoring in Industrial Engineering, I decided instead to pursue a degree in Business due to my entrepreneurial passions.

Why did you choose LIM for your master's degree?
Every interaction I had with LIM’s faculty, staff, and students while I was still an inquiring student made me feel like a member of the community. My graduate admissions advisor was a great point of contact during my application and enrollment processes, helping me realize that LIM was destined to be my new home.

How would you describe your LIM classmates and instructors? 
I would describe my fellow classmates as adaptable, curious … and hungry! I would describe the LIM faculty as supportive, compassionate, and experienced.

What is your career goal? 
Ultimately, I want to create intimate experiences for brands in my passion areas: fashion, music, and sports. I’d love to be a creative director for streetwear/lifestyle clothing brand, marketing firm, or music label, while also running my own clothing brand, Concrete Blossoms Garden. I have been developing that brand for three years and plan to continue scaling it while pursuing my master's degree.

What do you like most about your MPS program?
My coursework includes exercises that directly reflect industry responsibilities, such as creating mock marketing campaigns, using MailChimp, or studying pivot strategies for brick-and-mortar businesses in the wake of a global pandemic. I hate not being able to experience the beauty of my graduate education in a traditional classroom, but I am appreciative of LIM’s commitment to public health displayed in creating this unique learning experience.

What advice would you give to someone who's thinking about applying to a master's program at LIM?
Personal development is professional development. Don’t hesitate to discover yourself. Your unique point of view is what makes you special. It doesn’t have to be perfect, all positive, or traditionally beautiful, but it must be authentic. Enter every room ready to learn. Give yourself room to grow. Have faith in yourself and whatever grounds you, as that is the only weapon against doubt.