Graduate Student Q&A: From Music to Fashion

  • Eve Spielberg
  • Class of 2020
Eve Spielberg

Eve was pursuing a career in music before she realized that fashion was her true passion.

What was your background before going into fashion?
I was in music. I earned a Bachelor of Music degree from Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts, with a concentration in vocal performance. But by the time I graduated, I realized a full-time career in music wasn’t the right path for me.

It wasn’t too long before I realized I had always been interested in fashion. In fact, it’s the biggest way I’ve expressed myself throughout my life—I had just never considered a career in it. So, I began working in retail, starting as a Sales Associate at Anthropologie and eventually getting promoted. I left Anthropologie to accept a full-time position as a sales associate at Neiman Marcus, eventually joining their support staff to learn more about how retail works behind the scenes.

Why did you choose LIM for your master's degree?
I came to New York City to visit different fashion schools, and LIM instinctively felt like the right fit. I liked the smaller size of the school compared to others I visited. The student-to-professor ratio allows stronger relationships to be built with professors, and my program’s curriculum seemed the most relevant in helping me achieve my goals. I also appreciate that LIM places a big focus on helping students find employment after graduating, sometimes even before. My goal is to be a visual merchandiser or a stylist. (Or both!)

How would you describe LIM’s student community?
One of the things I liked most about my first visit to LIM was its relaxed vibe. Other schools felt much more intense, even just walking into their buildings! I don’t want to be stressed out by trying to “beat out” all my peers. I want to make worthwhile connections and learn in an encouraging, supportive environment.

How has the transition to remote learning been for you?
Transitioning to remote learning was obviously not ideal, since I retain information better in traditional classroom settings. However, I am lucky and grateful that I was able to continue taking my classes at all! I'm keeping busy these days by applying for jobs, exercising, and talking to friends and family on Zoom.

What advice would you give someone who’s thinking about applying to a master’s degree program at LIM?
As corny as it sounds, go with your heart. I got accepted to another school that's more widely known outside the fashion community. But I knew I would be happier at LIM and I’m glad I listened to my gut.