Industry Partner Q&A: Editor-in-Chief and CEO of “The Daily Front Row.”

  • Brandusa Niro
  • Fashion Industry Partner
Brandusa Niro

Brandusa Niro is the Editor-in-Chief and CEO of the fashion publication “The Daily Front Row.” Commonly known as “The Daily,” her magazine is a prime internship site for students in LIM’s Fashion Media major. Ms. Niro is also a member of LIM’s Fashion Industry Advisory Board. Here, she speaks about the LIM students and graduates she regularly seeks to work with and explains what kind of experience they get at her company.

Please tell us about your involvement with LIM College.
The Daily has worked with LIM in various ways for over eight years. Most notably, students interested in fashion media—many of whom work on LIM’s student magazine, The Lexington Line—create an entirely student-produced special issue of The Daily during February’s Fashion Week. The magazine is distributed to editors, retailers, models, designers, influencers, etc. and is posted online at

In addition, LIM is The Daily’s go-to source for interns for our editorial and publishing/sales division and our marketing/events division. Each semester, LIM interns assist our team with numerous projects in publishing, digital media, digital marketing, social media, awards events, and numerous event and media partnerships with fashion and beauty brands.

How would you describe LIM's reputation in the fashion/business world?
In my opinion, LIM is the best fashion school in New York. The students tell the story—we have been consistently impressed with their training and work ethic, their knowledge and creativity, and their considerable ability to deliver a project from conception to completion. We’re proud the Fashion Media major was created during our collaboration. Students in that major are invariably full of great ideas, and also have the ability to deliver the project with the savvy and competence of a veteran. LIM prepares them really well.

LIM College has unique positioning, with a very well-rounded curriculum including both the creative and business aspects of the fashion industry. Students get a realistic view and hands-on experience that benefits them once they enter the workforce. In the ever-changing landscape of fashion, the ability to understand and navigate different aspects of the business is imperative. For us, seeing “LIM graduate” on a resume means we will interview that person when we’re looking to fill a position.

Why is it important for college students to complete internships?
Interning is an essential part of learning about the business that attracts you and getting involved in all aspects of it. It’s also great for networking. At The Daily, we’ve hired several former interns once they graduated, based upon their performance here.

What sort of work do LIM interns do at The Daily? What roles do they have?
Since we cross-pollinate between departments, interns are exposed to all aspects of the magazine. They assist the editorial team with research, they assist with copywriting and idea generation for our website and social media, some even cover events and conduct interviews. They also assist on the publishing side with market research, proposals, event coordination, onsite management, etc. We ensure that they are given lots of responsibilities, which is how they learn.

When compared to interns from other schools, are there skills or abilities that make LIM students stand out?
The unique blend of business savvy, work ethic, and knowledge about fashion media is exactly the ingredient mix we need. I’m going to emphasize knowledge and work ethic, which I find unique in LIM students—you feel totally confident giving them a task because you know they’ll deliver.

We’ve had interns from other schools who seemed solely focused on the creative aspects of the fashion industry. While they may be well-prepared to design or create a line, they are not nearly as well-versed in the details of the business side. LIM students are equipped to handle both the logistics and the vision.

Is there a specific positive experience you’ve had with an LIM student at The Daily?
My assistant and marketing specialist graduated from LIM with a degree in marketing. In the half-year she’s been with us, she has become an enormous asset to our company and our group. She can easily and successfully get into any aspect of the business, and she has made herself completely essential. She’s creative, poised, and brilliant at coming up with the right idea for the right client—an exceptional graduate with an exceptional career ahead.