Home city: Suzhou, China
Program: Consumer Analytics

Please tell us about the internship you’re currently completing.
I'm a Trade Marketing intern at Clarins. My role includes analyzing the U.S. skincare market and competitive activity in trade and promotions, managing tracking documents, issuing creative purchasing requests, assisting with meeting preparation, giving monthly presentations, and participating in marketing activities and site visits.

How does the internship utilize what you're learning in your master's program?
My internship gives me the opportunity to apply the concepts and techniques from my Consumer Analytics MS program to real-world scenarios. By analyzing competitive activity, market trends, and consumer behaviors, I'm gaining hands-on experience in using data to inform company decisions regarding third-party retailer promotions and developing effective marketing strategies for upcoming seasons.

My classes at LIM involve many case studies and practical projects that require active thinking. The professors are industry experts who share their experiences and guidance, which not only helps me understand the curriculum but also offers knowledge that's highly applicable to interviews, internships, and future career prospects.

Why is taking advantage of the CPT (Curricular Practical Training) benefit for international students important?
Exercising the CPT benefit was very important for me. It's an opportunity to gain valuable experience while still studying as an international student in the U.S. This is also an opportunity for me to apply my knowledge to the work world and figure out what my place can be in the industry!

What’s it like to go to school in New York City?
What makes New York unique is the incredible people and limitless opportunities it offers! Every day has the potential for something completely different and unexpected to happen. One of my favorite aspects of New York schools is there's no traditional campus. The whole city becomes a playground for exploration.

Every NYC corner can be used as a place of learning, especially as a fashion student. I like to wander the streets, whether that is observing street fashion, visiting museums, or attending industry events. Living in this diverse and ever changing city has enriched my educational experience!