Hometown: Almaty, Kazakhstan 
Degree Program: MPS in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

What brought you to LIM?
Well, until very recently, I’d been pursuing a career as a lawyer. I received my bachelor’s degree in law from Kazakh National University. Two years later, I got an LLM in Corporate and Commercial Law from Dundee University in Scotland. My family is a dynasty of lawyers, and I love the profession, as it requires commitment, self-improvement, and it pays well.

However, I started to realize that fashion holds a significant place in my life. I regularly monitor trends and track news from the fashion world, watching and analyzing fashion shows. Examining my professional skills, personal interests, and hobbies, I became interested in the business side of fashion.

How did you learn about LIM?
My primary source was the Business of Fashion, which named LIM College as one of the best schools to study business and fashion. The graduate programs are tailored in a way that allows students with different backgrounds to upgrade their existing professional skills, and to discover new horizons and career opportunities at the same time.

What has your academic experience here been like?
The faculty is always supportive, pushing you to be the best you can. Professor Patty Mitropoulos showed me how I can apply my existing professional background and skills in the licensing industry.

Related to this: LIM has a longstanding relationship with Licensing International. And in 2021, Licensing International launched a scholarship program. I was honored to be awarded with one of their inaugural scholarships. In addition, I was offered and accepted a Project Coordinator internship with their organization. Upon graduation, I plan on pursuing a career in licensing. 

What’s it like being an international student?
LIM does its utmost to support international students. The school has a Writing Center for those who want to enhance their writing skills—I asked for help a few times to learn more about APA style. And Career and Internship Services staff can provide assistance with internships, or even advice related to visas.

What would you say to an international student who’s considering enrolling in one of LIM’s master’s degree programs?
LIM is a diverse and inclusive community, which is crucial for an international student. Most of my classmates are from outside of the U.S. The school has professors with diverse backgrounds and experiences, too. And being located in the heart of New York allows you to build a wide business network.